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Our path
Biosano’s origin dates back to 1940, beginning with the manufacturing of supplies in order to cover the important demand of medicines required by the health area and the population at that time.

In 1982, along with the change in its owners, a strong stage of modernization begins, through the development, automation and the incorporation of new work techniques. A significant increase in production was achieved, with the aim of responding to the growing demand.

In the 90's, Biosano started its stage of globalization entering different and demanding markets of Latin America and the Caribbean. Biosano has a strong presence in countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela, Honduras, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Colombia and Cuba.

In order to take advantage of the position achieved by Biosano within the public and private hospital market in Chile and other countries of the region, in the year 2000 Biosano started to import finished medical products. The most modern and efficient health solutions present in the markets of Canada, France, Switzerland, Italy, Korea, Mexico, the United States of America, China, India, the Philippines, among others are commercialized.

In 2003, a new modern pharmaceutical plant of about 6,000 square meters is inaugurated which incorporates Spanish point technology which meant an investment of US$15 million. This allows Biosano to become the first Chilean laboratory to be validated with the GMP standard for the production of vials and ampoules.

New offices for the sales team were instated as Headquarters in 2013, located in “Nueva Las Condes”, in Santiago with the purpose to adequately face the growing process of internationalization and global presence of the company.

In 2014, a new project of remodeling the plant is carried out, which involves a significant investment with the main purpose of being at the forefront in the global pharmaceutical production.

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