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Commitment with the quality

We are committed to deliver high quality medicines that contribute with the people’s health. To comply we count with high quality national and international standards.

Continuous innovation and security

We constantly incorporating the most efficient technologies present in the market with the purpose to provide our physicians and their patients a service of excellence.

A global company

We have a global presence that allows us to deliver to patients from almost all Latin America, the best health care solutions available in the international market. Our wide network of distributors, suppliers and products, places us as one of the bidders with the highest coverage in the region.
More than 70 years incorporating health:
We are the only multi-latin pharmaceutical company that produces small volume parenteral solutions (SVP) with 100% Chilean capitals. We specialize in the development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of a wide range of pharma and biotech products. We count with a network of 12 distributors throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, through whom we offer 254 hospital products that cover 49 therapeutic categories, coming from 7 world leading markets. This places us as one of the bidders with largest coverage in the region.

We assume our responsibility to contribute to the health of the people, by delivering drugs of high quality, produced under international standards, permanently incorporating the latest innovations and available technologies.

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